Google Plus will be gone...

June 4, 2012 por SW Socialweb   Comentarios (0)

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I know that many of you out there are big fans of Google Plus but let's face it: Google Plus is dead. 

Now, what went wrong with it?

Opening you email and your Google plus Profile

Well, it is pretty simple, they tried so hard to tie all google services into Google Plus. I know it sounds like a wonderful idea, but it is not so wonderful. For example, in my case I have two Gmail accounts: One for business and the other one is for my job. I opened my Google Plus account with my email for my job. So far so good. However because you HAVE to use a gmail account with google plus I cannot open my G+ and my business gmail at the same time. I know that can be solved by having two different web browsers open, but I don't want to open another web browser just to check my G+ profile.


Integration to Google Services


Are you with me? Yes, integrating Gmail and G+ was the worst idea ever! Whoever came up with that idea, has to be excomulgated. What if someone finds a way to hack G+ profiles? He will have direct access to the email account, documents, well pretty much every single Google service. Kinda dumb, isn't? And yet no one is complaining. 


Must have a Gmail Account


Are you serious? Let's face it, do you really need another email account just for social networking? Of course not! Look at twitter, facebook, pinterest, linked in, etc. Those networks won't ask you to create an email account with them in order to join them. I seriously don't know why they are enforcing this. For instance, my host dad has email with yahoo. He really wanted to open his G+ account with his regular email but he couldn't because of Google's dumb idea to tie you up to its services. What did he do next? Well, obviously he didn't join and he opened a twitter account instead.

No Gmail, no friends for you. NEXT!!


Have you seen the sign up process? You don't create your profile first, you MUST create your email account, then you create your google plus account. What if you close the window before 'creating' it? Seriously, the G+ is not created, just a regular gmail account. 

That is a huge error! How is it possible that I cannot use my personal email to create my account and yet, receive notifications?

Yes I know, I'm focusing too much on the sign up process but c'mon, I know you all have an email that don't want to give up. An email is something very personal and the folks at Google must understand this. They have to open G+ and forget about that stupid idea of 'integrating everything with, well, everything'. 

They did the same with youtube, with the only difference that you get more from youtube than from Google Plus. 


Even thought it has some very nice features, Google plus has not achieved what its competitors had. Why? Yes, again the email thing. The same thing happened to Google with Orkut, Google Buzz, Google Lively and it will happen again with this new venture. When? September perhaps? I don't know but it will happen soon. Google is not making any money from Google plus, and soon they will realize that they can't afford spending more money in something that will never take off.


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