SW Social Shop One Year Gold Membership!

May 15, 2012 por SW Socialweb   Comentarios (0)

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After having some meetings, we decided to create some sort of membership that will allow anyone to get all of our premium plugins at an affordable price. Also, all of our premium themes will be available under our Gold Membership.

There are a lot of benefits, such as deeper plugin support from us. Also if you have any elgg related question, we will be available to answer it. 

Price for our Gold Membership is USD $85 per year. It is a price that we believe is neither high nor low. It is just the perfect price to get all of our wonderful plugins.

Here's the link to get the 1 Year Gold Membership:



With our 1 Year Gold Membership Subscription you will get:

- Free Support with themes

- Free Support with our plugins

- Free Elgg Support

- A wide variety of Premium Plugins

- Our Premium Plugins

- Tutorials

- And more!