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We at SW Social Web know that some of you develop networks for your work or school, that's why we develop this plugin which will help you embed any pdf, word or powerpoint presentation uploaded to your elgg network.  

Download Here: SW Social Docs





A simple plugin that will inline Google File viewer for your files

Full description:

This is a simple plugin that will let you embed Adobe PDF, MS Word and MS Powerpoint files on your site.

I came up with this since there's no plugin for elgg 1.8 that will let you do this.

Supported files: .pdf .doc .ppt

This plugin extends the files plugin. You must have the files plugin in order to work.

This has been developed using Google File Viewer.


Sponsored by SW Social Web LLC www.swsocialweb.com

Release notes:

 -No need to get an API anymore. Now using Google File Viewer

Compatible Elgg Version: 1.8

Download Here: SW Social Docs