SW Social Shop: The Study Case

January 7, 2012 por SW Socialweb   Comentarios (0)

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So, we are running an elgg venture called SW Social Shop, which is an elgg store. We are currently working on a study case, so that our elgg friends can benefit from it. 

The study case will cover a lot of things, from background history to how do we see us a year from now. It is an interesting story that we want to share with the world.

It is not an easy task to run a venture like that, it requires commitment, hard work and most of all, taking care of our dear customers. 

In few days we will be done with it and share it through some sort of platform. We don't know which one yet but we will haha

Sometimes we get crazy, but we just love what we do.


Rodolfo Hernandez


SW Social Web Editor