2012 de Junio

Elgg Pro Theme for elgg 1.8: Our first Three Column Theme!

June 13, 2012 por SW Socialweb   Comentarios (0)

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After some tweaking, magic and a little bit of spices we finally did our first theme with a three column layout.
The first theme that we release with this structure will be elgg Pro Theme. A beautiful theme designed to give an eye-candy network.
On the left column, we have the Social Dashboard. On the center we have the normal activity of the network and also The Wire. On the right column we have the SW Social Translator, Group Membership, and Blogs:

It also has a beautiful Jquery... Read full post

Introducing Baltik Pro Theme for Elgg 1.8

June 11, 2012 por SW Socialweb   Comentarios (0)

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After some work, we are now upgrading all of our free and commercial themes for elgg 1.8 
We are introducing the new Baltik Pro Theme, which it features a brand new internal design that will bring an amazing look to your network.
Heavely tested, Baltik Pro Theme introduces for the first time a top and a bottom bar at the same time, that anyone can edit to put whatever they want on it.
Baltik Pro relies on a new menu design and a better top bar design as well. Why? We want you to have an... Read full post

Google Plus will be gone...

June 4, 2012 por SW Socialweb   Comentarios (0)

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I know that many of you out there are big fans of Google Plus but let's face it: Google Plus is dead. 
Now, what went wrong with it?
Opening you email and your Google plus Profile
Well, it is pretty simple, they tried so hard to tie all google services into Google Plus. I know it sounds like a wonderful idea, but it is not so wonderful. For example, in my case I have two Gmail accounts: One for business and the other one is for my job. I opened my Google Plus account with my email for... Read full post