2011 de Noviembre

How to put The Wire on Top of Activity Page in Elgg 1.8

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 November 24th, 2011  SW Social Web LLC
On previous releases, having the wire on top of the activity page or Riverdashboard was an easy thing to do. However, on elgg 1.8 it is no an easy task. Due to recent changes to the views putting the wire on that page in the old way was not possible. But don't worry, SW Social Web got your back. We are now releasing a new plugin that will do the trick. No more looking for the code or editing core files. Read a little more about... Read full post

Five Free Themes for elgg 1.8

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 November 23th, 2011  SW Social Web LLC
Five Free Elgg Themes You Should Try Out
Elgg 1.8 has been only around for 3 months and there are very few themes designed for this release. However we at SW Social Web are commited to release at least one theme every week for elgg 1.8 and now we are gonna tell you the top 5 most downloaded themes in our elgg store:
1.  Inchiridium theme for elgg 1.8
If you are looking for A classy, jQuery Elgg Theme, this is... Read full post

Free Elgg Theme released: SW Social Web Premium Theme!

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We at SW Social Web just released another free theme. This is one of the most well designed themes for elgg 1.8 that you can find. It has a JQuery login and useful links on Dashboard.
You can get this theme here, it is completely free:
A carefully designed minimal theme, inspired by Oranyero's website
Full description:
A theme that we decided to share with the community. A... Read full post